Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Simpsons og Amerikansk politikk

I disse amerikanske valgkamptider er Familien Simpson ofte en god referanse til aktuelle politiske problemstillinger i USA, evt syrlige bemerkninger om du vil. La meg få nevne to som jeg husker i farten:

I den ene episoden laget Bart og Lisa episoder til "The Itchy and Scratchy show" men var for unge for å motta lønn, så de oppførte Grampa Simpson (Abraham J. Simpson) som rettmessige mottager av lønnen, hvorpå Grandpa Simpson kommenterer:

So thats the connection, at first I thought that the Democrats were back in power, since I got money for doing nothing..."

Den andre episoden jeg husker i farten dreier seg om den notoriske kriminelle Sideshow Bob (Robert Underdunk Terwilliger) som i det han blir tauet vekk av politiet skriker:

"I`ll be back soon! You cannot keep the Democrats out of power forever!

How I just love The Simpsons :)


Anonymous said...

Selv foretrekker jeg "South Park Libertarians":

Matt Stone: "I hate conservatives, but I really fucking hate liberals."

Fra serien:

"Each year, the Rainforest is responsible for over three thousand deaths from accidents, attacks or illnesses. There are over seven hundred things in the Rainforest that cause cancer. Join the fight now and help stop the Rainforest before it's too late."


"I would never let a woman kick my @ss. If she tried something, I'd be like, HEY! You get your b*tch @ss back in the kitchen and make me some pie!"


"Too bad drinking scotch isn't a paying job or Kenny's dad would be a millionare!"


"If some sissy chick tried to kick my @ss I would say hey, missy, go knit me a sweater before I slap you in the face!"


"I've learned something, too: selling out is sweet because when you sell out, you get to make a lot of money, and when you have money, you don't have to hang out with a bunch of poor @sses like you guys. Screw you guys, I'm going home."


"Genetic engineering is a way to fix God's horrible mistakes, like German people."


"No, that's wrong, Cartman. But don't worry, there are no stupid answers, just stupid people."


Gerald Brofloski: "You see Kyle, we live in a liberal-democratic society, and democrats make sexual harassment laws, these laws tell us what we can and can't say in the work place, and what we can and can't do in the work place."

Kyle Brovslofksi: "Isn't that Fascism?"

Gerald Brofloski: "No, because we don't call it Fascism."
Mr. Adler: "This is shop class! My name is Mr. Adler! For the next week, rather than your normal school work, you will be learning how to make things! Now, does anybody know why you are in shop class?! Yes!"

Stan: "Because we had to choose between this and Home Ec' and we didn't want to be sissies?"

Mr. Adler: "Wrong! You are here, because you are America's future! You may someday be doctors or lawyers or scientists! Most of you however will be pumping gas or cutting sheet metal! And that's why we have shop class!"


Jewish Kid: Is anyone else having problems concentrating on this? I just can't seem to concentrate.
Cartman: Maybe we should send you to a concentration camp.


Stan: I don't want to shoot the bunny.
Uncle Jimbo: No nephew of mine is going to be a tree hugger.
Cartman: Yeah, hippie. Go back to Woodstock if you don't want to shoot anything.

Eirik Løkke said...

Mye bra ja! Ikke glem episoden hvor Tom Cruise låste seg inne i skapet, og nektet å komme ut...

Uforglemmelig :)